Claus David Gerdes is a trader and trader coach.
(He is also known as Claus David Grube. Claus changed his last name when he married Andrea Gerdes in 2011.)

He (born in Hamburg) is living in Berlin, Germany, and works as trader, trainer, coach, author..

Claus David, born 1952, university: political science and mathematics, trained therapist and coach, has been working as futures trader (NFA and CFTC regeistered in the 1990ies), trades his own money with futures and CfDs these days.

Claus David is the author of “Making a Zenlightend million”(German: “Das Zen der ersten Million”) and “Gewinnen beginnen innen” (German language only yet). The last is a book on coaching traders, title would translate into “Winning From Within”.

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