Strategy is our way of making money at the markets.

We need some kind of niche, some kind of edge. We need some probability that are certain sequence of occurrences may repeat.

Traëdo Strategy wants to have seven questions answered:

1. Where? On what global market, on what exchange, on what local market do we want to make money?

2. What? What is that market’s character, actual market sentiment?

3. How? Which scenario do we want to exploit?

4. More How? Which setup gives us a signal, so that we know that our scenario is coming up?

5. When? Trade Management. When exactly do we enter and exit (exit with profit and exit with limited loss)?

6. How much? Risk and Money Management. How many money do we need? How many contracts can we drive? Portfolio design?

7. Self  Management. How do we manage ourselves tio make sure that we keep the discipline to trade our strategy?


We distinguish 6 market characters.

We have 8 scenarios in each of the market characters (which may come in three different time frames).

We have 9 kinds of setups to receive signals.

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